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At Sooner Retirement we have a proprietary process to help you protect the income that you need in retirement, so that you can maximize the income for things you want in retirement.


Statistics on Retirement Savings in America

25% of

Americans  don’t have any retirement savings.

70% of

 Americans are concerned that they don’t have enough money for retirement.

64% of

Retirees didn’t receive help from their employers when transitioning into retirement.

Sooner Retirement Team

James Ault

My name is James Ault I'm the President of Sooner Retirement, and I believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and with his guidance and wisdom, I’ve dedicated my time to Jesus, and to the American people, to help them financially prepare for retirement.  I help clients all over the country find ways to generate more retirement income and see how to securely protect their money during these turbulent times. Retirement Planning is easy especially when using our proprietary process to help us identify unnecessary risk.


What our customers write about us

James is a true professional and excellent representative in his field. He is not only very knowledgeable, but transparent with the information that he is sharing. He is a patient educator and his follow up/follow through is always prompt. I never felt pressured or pushed when it came to making a choice of which product to purchase (income annuity) - and I took a long time to decide. I would recommend James to any of my friends or family knowing that they would be taken care of in the same manner.


T Hallett


James was very helpful when he assisted my husband and me a few years ago in finding supplemental insurance. He was very informative and followed up with us afterwards to make sure we were satisfied with our decision. James is very kind and trustworthy, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking help for financial planning.


Jan Reese


James Ault is Excellent! James Ault the AnnuityGator Analyst, is a very honest and intelligent person who is very knowledgeable about investments, especially annuities. He is also very patient and takes the time to fully understand his customer and their goals. He also does an excellent job of explaining how the various annuities work and suggesting the best options for his customers.




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